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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

{"Yoke's" on Me!}

I had to return a few things to Ross yesterday and this sign outside of Rue 21 caught my eye:) Don't mind if I do! He! He!

I ended up with a new pair of shades that have cute little bows on the side:)
Then I wandered into Dollar Tree to pick up a few things and I saw this!---YUCK!
A single slab of spam ready to eat as soon as you tear it open...GAG!
And two minutes later you've consumed a nasty chunk of "meat" and 22 grams of fat, 250 calories! Hope I haven't offended any spam fans out there:)

Later we decided on omlettes for dinner since I had a carton of eggs in the fridge....
....but I realized when I pulled them out that the date had passed. I checked online and everything I read said eggs last 2-5 weeks once you get them home so we decided to go for it and trust the information super highway:)
***Fingers Crossed!***
One HUGE one for Him...
...and one big egg white one for her:) And we didn't even get sick!



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