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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Welcome to "Yappy Hour" at Molly & Me Doggie Bakery! It just opened up in Anderson and was close enough that me and Glory walked up for the Grand Opening:)

I fancied Glory up a little bit...

...and she was super excited when we arrived!

We got lots of goodies to take home:)

Everything is natural and healthy and homemade right there! Click HERE to read a great article about the Bakery!

Here's a Liver Boot that smelled just like it's name but some of them smelled good enough for me to eat:) But I didn't....hehe!

They had a raffle but we didn't win....

....numbers 25 and 27 won---we were SO CLOSE! But we left with a complimentary bag of goodies which made us both happy!

When we got home, Glory was exhausted and her tummy was full.

But not too full to eat her apple pie dessert! I can't wait to go back for the next "Yappy Hour"!
Glory can't either...she's just gotta catch her breath first:)

We got home just in time to meet Travis as he got home from work:) We LUV that part of the day!

For dinner we decided on something fresh and filling:)

Yum! This was a GREAT summer supper:) We just cut up some fresh squash and mushrooms.......then cut up a big juicy tomato...
...then poured it over a hot baked potato---DELICIOUS-and healthy and filling, too.
Behind the steam from those veggies lives my new friend, Frog:) He was 90% off at CVS and I got two of them for $4! They're planters but I wanted to use one inside and it now holds all Glory's new treats from Molly & Me:) Which are already almost gone!

What a FUN, YAPPY, HAPPY day!



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