"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Well...let me tell you about our weekend!

Friday night me, Molly, Kassie, Bella-Grace,and Jessica went to Cracker Barrel to eat dinner. Bella Grace entertained us by counting her fruit stripe gun, telling us what color it was, and then sharing a piece with us after she chewed most of the pack! lol! If you haven't caught on yet...she's almost three! lol!

After we ate me and Jessica went to see couples retreat and it was really funny! She's sweet and gave me a t-shirt she had gotten for me :) I enjoyed the movie and it made me think of my WONDERFUL husband the whole time and how much I love him! I'm just always so thankful to God for the blessing of a godly husband and HAPPY HAPPY MARRIAGE! Side note: I broke my tooth on a gobstopper during the movie....UGGHHH! I absolutely DREAD going to the dentist too! Shucks!

So...Saturday morning I slept in until about 10 and then went to Konner's 1st birthday party! He was so CUTE! He went to town on his birthday cake and had to have a quick bath after in the sink!

My friend Kassie had to go to the Emergency room Saturday because she was in lots of pain and wasn't sure what was wrong. She is doing ok now and waiting on some test results so If you're reading this please say a little prayer for her!

After the party me and Trav watched some football together and someone came to look at the Camper and were pretty interested but...SURPRISE...it didn't crank...hahaha you just gotta laugh when it comes to the Georgie Boy...so we'll see where that goes...hopefully it will be going right out of our driveway pretty soon...

This morning we went to New Spring again and had a great time! There were MANY people who got saved today so I know all the Angels in Heaven were rejoicing today!!! In fact a lady right in front of me and an older gentleman right behind me accepted Christ today and it brought happy tears to my eyes! Then we went to New Prospect because we had nursery duty and we got to keep a beautiful little baby girl so it was the perfect Sunday morning! We are still praying about our church situation and trusting God to lead us in the right direction. We went again with Tim and Vanessa and its nice to be there with family! We had lunch at the new Mexican Restaurant near our house and it was oh-so-good!

This afternoon we took our "Sunday nap"...lol!...and then went grocery shopping which was a MUST considering we really had NOTHING to eat!It feels so good to have a full pantry and fridge to start the week. That in itself is just such a blessing and makes me think of how good GOD is!

One last thing...GUESS WHAT???

Molly felt the baby kick for the first time today!!! More happy tears for me!!!

Hope everyone has a blessed and wonderful week!

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