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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It'll be here before we know it!

I certainly don't wanna rush through life but I can't help but start getting excited about the Holiday season when the weather starts cooling down and I start seeing leaves on the ground and then Christmas stuff in stores...Yippee!!!

These are my plans for the upcoming holiday season thus far...

First Halloween since it's right around the corner!:

Thursday all the children will be coming trick-or-treating at DSS! It's always so much fun!!! The children all dress up and so do we! We all decorate our doors too and the winner gets a dozen doughnuts...like I really need them! LOL! My unit is going to decorate our door tomorrow but I'm not sure what we'll do yet...I gotta get my creative juices flowing! Hmmm....I need a teacher friend to help me about now...they always have cute ideas...I think I'll be calling my mom on this one! Also, my friend Jessica is having a Halloween party Friday night so me and Trav are dressing up like Hippies! Then Saturday night, the 31st, I'm gonna meet up with Mom, Fran, Ali, Morgan, Cam, and Brian for trick-or-treating! If you ask me, there's nothing better than good old fashioned trick-or-treating...some of my VERY BEST CHILDHOOD MEMORIES! My favorite Halloween EVER was when my family went Trick-or-treating with the Bradfords and we loaded up in their station wagon dressed as babies! We had bottles full of apple juice, long gowns, bedroom shoes, pig tails, freckles and passifiers! I was probably about seven and I'll never forget how much fun we had! Those were the days when you could go get great big treat bags full of stuff from church members and neighbors and my Granny and Aunt Fran would always have a very special treat for us!


I'm bringing the apple cider (a family tradition and WE LOVE IT!)I'm also brining a warm spinach and cream cheese artichoke dip for appetizers! We celebrate Thanksgiving at my Granny's house in Elberton and she's a GREAT cook! I really need to learn how she does everything because I want to carry on all of her Thanksgiving feast traditions many, many years from now! I want my children to be able to enjoy the same kind of WONDERFUL things my Granny has always made for me!
I'm trying to think of another fun activty for Thanksgiving (besides watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade which is a MUST!) and I think Me and Trav might participate in the Electric City Gobbler race (i'll be walking....haha!) and then help serve at a food kitchen early that day before going to Elberton for our Thanksgiving dinner.


I've already been thinking about Christmas too! I like to make it last like three months so I start getting into the mood really early! lol!
I've already bought gifts for my co-workers (found some excellent deals I just couldn't pass up!) as well as some of my friends. We also planned a big "WELCOME CHRISTMAS PARTY!" with all of my family...we're gonna all meet up in Anderson for dinner and then go see A Christmas Carol in 3D afterwards and then go look at Christmas lights! That'll be the first weekend in December and I can't wait!

But like I said....I will enjoy today because it truly is A GIFT!!!!...and I'll keep looking forward to the WONDERFUL days ahead with all the people I love most!

Yea for HOLIDAYS!!!

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