"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Sunday, October 11, 2009


What a FUN weekend!

Friday night we went to the Elberton Fair, one of our annual traditions...lol, and had a BLAST!

Ali, Morgan, and Audrey went with us and we encountered numerous rednecks, thugs, and even saw someone get arrested so yes...it was quite an interesting night! But what else can you expect at the Elberton Fair...right???

So, obviously I didn't let the girls out of my sight! We ate some yummy fair foods...snow cones, funnel cakes, candy apples...and no one ended up getting sick. Well, I take that back...Morgan walked out feeling pretty bad after our last ride on the high speed rocket ships but she survived! Yea for Morgan!

We also watched the Rock and Rock Express wrestle! Apparently, after Trav explained this to me, they are a famous wrestling tag team of yester-year and it was HILARIOUS! Trav got his picture taken and I can't wait to post pictures of our night! We finally got home around 1 AM and were EXHAUSTED!

But...never the less, we got up Saturday morning and had a YARD SALE! It was very last minute but ended up being fairly successful! Molly came over and sold some stuff with us too so I really enjoyed getting to spend the morning with her! I was just so happy to get rid of a bunch of JUNK! lol! Trav went and played in the dog fight at Cobb's Glenn and ended up winning so we were BLESSED this weekend with a little extra cash! Never hurts!

That night my parents invited us over for a cookout. They were camping at Springfield campground here in Anderson. We ate burgers, brats, grilled chicken, baked beans, potatoes, and roasted marshmallows for dessert! Yummy!

Then this morning we went to New Spring with Tim, Hunter, and Vanessa and had a GREAT TIME!!! The Kenya Children's Choir performed "The Revelation Song" and "Mighty to Save" and it was such a wonderful time of Worship! Then we all went to Bill's Restaurant to celebrate Hunter's 18th birthday! His real birthday is this coming Tuesday but we went ahead and celebrated today! We all had a GREAT time! Unfortunately I didn't get to take pictures today during our little party because I left my camera at the campground Saturday night! Shucks!

Anyway, here's wishing you a very HAPPY MONDAY tomorrow!

Yea for annual fair traditions, campground cookouts, yard sale success, and an AWESOME Sunday with family!!!

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