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Sunday, October 4, 2009

It GOT me!!!

Still having technical difficulties with the lap top, hopefully to be resolved soon, but I'm still here! Boy do I miss my normal blogging routine!!! I can't wait to be back and able to post all my pictures too! Anyway, I am finally feeling well enough to post this so here it goes..

I am just getting over the H1N1 Flu!!! EWWW!!!

I hope all you readers (aka: my family and friends :) are blessed enough NOT to get it because it is a BEAST! But I'm well and thankful for all the prayers and get well wishes! I actually get to go back to work tomorrow and I'm more than ready to be out of the bed for awhile! Trav took great care of my and miraculously has avoiding getting sick so far so continue to keep him in your prayers! Also, keep my bro-in-law John in your prayers because he's recovering from it too! GOODNESS!

Anyway...I also got out all of my Halloween decorations and spruced the house up a bit and it is starting to really feel "spooky" in here! LOL! I absolutely LOVE fun Holidays!!! Especially those with candy and costumes involved!

I also need to wish a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my special little "FROUSIN" Morgan (because we are friends AND cousins...haha!)!!! We celebrated her birthday with a HIPPY PARTY and got all dressed up and everything...pics to come soon!

Molly's pregnancy is still rolling along perfectly and I also just found out our friends Brooke and Patrick are having a little boy!!! Aww...too sweet! I'm glad I finally got on my blog because all this great news really cheered me up!

Well...Hope everyone has a MARVELOUS MONDAY!

Yea for Tammiflu, Hippy Frousins, and growing babies!!!

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