"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Sunday, January 8, 2012

{Adventures in Birthday Month!}

January is a big time Happy Birthday month for our families! Trav's brother, Patrick's is on the 7th, my sister Nikki's is on the 8th, Trav's dad Ken's is on the 9th, Molly's husband John's is on the 22nd, and to finish off the special month is my sweet hubby's birthday on the 29th:)We still have a few to go but we got it started off right;) We ate a delicious dinner together at J Peters to celebrate with Patrick...
...and ate some really good food---look at that plate!---
and Patrick even shared his birthday dessert after a little begging...lol!Here's hoping 24 is your year PRada!
Your silly brother loves you, too!

At 8 the next morning we gathered at the Cracker Barrel to celebrate another VERY special person! Early-yes---...but never too early for Momma's pancake breakfast...or Nikki!:) Happy Birthday to my WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, KIND, CREATIVE,FUNNY, AND SWEET SISTAH FRIEND Nikki!
Lovin' her cute new purse:)
Makayla and her Ali!
I love you so much, Nikki!!! You (and our other two sistah friends:) are three of God's greatest gifts to me!
I pray that God blesses yall's little family in special ways every single day!

Lookin' forward to more BIRTHDAYS soon to come!


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