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Friday, January 13, 2012

{On the Run!}

This painting is one of my favorite things in my house...I just love the color combination:)So when I found this fabric square the other day I instantly LOVED it and knew it would compliment my favorite piece of art:)I decided to use it to update this lamp..
I love taking risks with bold fabrics that can easily be changed out if you aren't thrilled with the results.But I am this time:)Next to update is the new green curtains...
...with this black and white number. Stay tuned for updates:)
Breakfast this morning consisted of a muffin...
well---this is TOTALLY a cupcake! They just pass it off as muffin:)

We also had our good friend and co-worker a baby shower today!
Meg will be a wonderful Mommy!
We can't wait until Sam gets here! :)

While at the shower I indulged in some treats...
...and some of Meg's delicious cake:)
So when I got home it was time for a RUN! A very COLD run!
Here we go!
We ran to Ingles to check out some movies:) Running that results in rewards (other than the obvious physical ones:) is pretty motivational:)
We had to find somewhere to safely store the goods for the run home....
This didn't end up working..hehe!
Glory has been doing so GOOD on the runs! I checked with the vet to make sure it would be more beneficial than harmful and he said "take her!"...so we do whenever we can!

Now it's time to go cut up a fresh fruit salad (note that luscious perfectly ripe mango:)...
...and whip up some egg white omlettes with spinach and mushrooms:)Yum! I think the hubby has started Madea's Big Happy Family so I better run grab a spot on the couch:)


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Leslie said...

Laura i just love reading your blog....it makes me smile! Love you!