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Sunday, January 15, 2012

{Sunday's Goodwill Goodies!}

Hello!!!Whew! I'm sacked after a long Goodwill trip with Fran and Cam----(Side note: Whew! I look rough,too:) No makeup required for diggin' in other people's trash..hehe!

Anyway, here's a little of what I found and how it's been incorporated into mi casa:)

First, the candle holder was 35 cent at Haven of Rest last week--red candle 50 cent today at GW, wall sticker $1 from dollar tree, cork board $1 at Goodwill and the fabric I glued around the edges was just $1 and I still have plenty left for another project.
My bonus room office area is FINALLY starting to shape up...the other half of the room is a different story..lol!
I got this lady bug cup holder for 75 cent:)...
...and this jar of paper stars for $1. To cute to pass up:)

I found some clothes deals, too!

The following was all off the 50 cent rack:)
This skirt is so cute! It's actually a pure purple but looks darker in the pic.

These Tommy Jeans were perfect for my mom:)....
And I liked this Old Navy blouse for Spring:)I got this gray cardigan for my sistah friend...I hope she likes it!
Contrary to what you think, you are NOT the queen of this castle!:)

Here's a few more housewares I found on the cheap:)---this old mug holder will be spray painted black and used for hanging bracelets....
...and this 50 cent Gingerbread Man apron for next Christmas:)
This Christmas tree is like a big wooden puzzle and I thought it would make a wonderful addition to my Holiday collection for just $2.50..hehe!...
...and this casserole dish carrier was so PRECIOUS with the little birdie:) Just $1.50!
I added a few more stickers to my Valentine treat jar...
...and there you have it:) And now...it's time for me to go to bed!


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