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Thursday, January 26, 2012


But----before I get to that I wanna show you the BEST thing I've eaten...EVER!...
Fried Pickles from Zaxby's! We got some on our way to the Miranda Lambert Concert!

And as fate would have it, we met her as soon as we walked in the door! Imagine that:)hehe! She was FANTASTIC!!! And that really is her:)

Since we were at the Bojangles Coliseum, we found it only fitting to EAT some Bojangles:)Thanks to my sweet hubby for such a wonderful Christmas gift!---the concert, not the chicken strips:)
After the show and many indulgences:) we had just four bucks and some change we dug out of the car---but after my SUPER DILIGENT efforts I convinced one of the peddlers in the parking lot to sell me one of their $10 t-shirts for about $4 and some change. It was not an easy task but I did it!
NOW....for my BIGGEST Burke's Outlet Haul of history..hehe! DRUM ROLL PLEASE.......
My new stuff filled up my entire dining room table:) Disclosure: I'm sharing lots of this with my fam:) so I'm NOT a hoarder---ok, Mom?:)
I wish the picture did it justice but here's the breakdown of goods:
3 tanks like this......including these two burgundy ones:)
Onion keeper, anyone? :) I already have one so I got two for my sistah-friends!
Cute shirt and belt combo for Spring:)

....three convertible skirts/dresses like this (2 were a black and white design)...


1 pair of Paris Blues capris
3 pair of shorts
7 CUTE headbands
3 decorative signs for the home
1 really good moisturizer
1 new pair of beige dress pants for work
1 pair of running pants
1 pair of earrings:)
1 tube top for Ali to wear this summer:)
2 tablecloths
and 1 more cute top!

Now---for my TOTAL---any guesses????
Well....MINUS the $2.09 you see above that was a cosmetic I bought at normal price, my GRAND TOTAL CAME TO......
......JUST $14.09 for ALL THAT STUFF!!! Every single thing was 95% off!

I love you Burkes Outlet! And I'll be back!


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