"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Monday, January 9, 2012


This morning I filled up my new 31 lunch tote with some healthy treats! A juicy red pear...
....an orange...
...and a banana that never actually made it into the bag:) It went directly into my tummy instead!
So my morning in a nutshell was---fruit:)....lots of fruit and Happiness! :)
My best deal of the day was this purchase from CVS...
....all this for $1.62! I really like Suave hair products...they're just as good as the pricey brands:)

Also---I need your help! I spotted this contraption at Target and thought it looked fun! I wonder if it really works? Anybody ever used a 'fitness hoop' before?
I passed on the fitness hoop:) for now but did get these new curtains for our bonus room---
...and I ended up having to cut them to size. I used the dullest scissors and so DID NOT measure when I cut but for such a haphazard free-hand throw together they turned out ok:) That's just how I do things...lol! Luckily they were on clearance for just $6 each so it wasn't a major investment:)

I got this super cute Christmas tee for 90% off...$1 well spent:)...
...these "mimmy" (aka: Mickey and/or Minnie) Valentine window clings that I think Makayla will like:)...
...some "LOVELY" hand towels...
...and my newest strategy to begin saving for next year's Christmas expenses:)
Oink! Oink! I Couldn't pass her up since she was also 90% off:)

For dinner we scored a yummy, healthy meal at Ken and Lynn's tonight....SO DEEEELISH! We also celebrated Ken's birthday----he's a great father-in-law and I'm so happy his special day was a good one! And I'm happy he had food to share, too!
I could eat this every.single.night!!! I forgot how much I love baked sweet potatoes!



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