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Monday, March 14, 2011

{Holy Chicken!}

I had a regular chick-fil-a combo for lunch today (I usually get grilled and pass up the fries) and unfortunately I didn't review the nutrition facts until AFTER I had already scarffed it down. Sadly, I ate 900 calories worth of fried food! Yikes! I WILL NOT be doing that again anytime soon!

*Info courtesy of Chick-fil-a *

Chose any product from the list on the left to view nutrition totals.
My Meal
Chicken Sandwich
Waffle Potato Fries medium
Polynesian Sauce
900 Calories
42g Fat
8g Saturated Fat
0g Trans Fat
60mg Cholesterol
1790mg Sodium
95g Carbohydrates
8g Fiber
11g Sugar
34g Protein

I could just smack myself! However, the damage has been done, and healthier choices must be made in the future!!!

So...here's to eating very lightly tonight!


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Kristi's Space said...

My favorite calzone has 900calories if I eat the whole thing. When I want one I usually have it on a free day or just eat really light later lol! Why are all the best foods so bad!