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Monday, March 7, 2011


I'm working on building my portfolio for Radiant (my hopefully soon-to-be part time makeup gig:) and I need volunteers! :) Right now, the only face I have to practice on is mine and I'd much rather post pictures of you! I'm hoping to find at least ten people of various ages to allow me to do their makeup and photograph the before and after for my book and blog...message me if you're interested! I can do it for a special event if you have something coming up!

I'll be trying to post some examples of my work every few days.

Here is today's office casual look:

Dark purple and brown shadows blended to the upper part of top lid-Avon 24 carat gold quad
Dark brown shadow concentrated at base of lash line
Brown liner on bottom, corners, and upper lash line-Revlon
New oil free matte plum blush from Avon
New super extend mascara from Avon in black
Subtle lip gloss---Avon Glazewear in Plum.
(My Aunt sells Avon and I LOVE their products so you'll see them popping up quite often!)

Happy Monday Everyone!



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