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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

{Practice makes Perfect!}

I just finished reading the BEST book!
I picked it up from the library during my lunch break and it was read from cover to cover by bedtime...I couldn't put it down! The makeup artist, Rae Morris, is one of Austrailia's best and she gives lots of awesome practical tips as well as showing you many high drama/high fashion looks to try to recreate---which put me in the mood to practice!
I highly recommend this book!

So, after getting super excited by the book, I ran by CVS to grab a few new products. I love shopping at CVS for cosmetics because for every fifty dollars you spend on beauty products you get a $5 off coupon. I got one yesterday, in fact:) I also love taking advantage of the extra buck deals!!!
When I got home, I got my supplies ready:
Avon Oil Free Blush in Plum
Concealer with SPF 25---but don't think you can get away without wearing sunscreen. You still need that too!
Avon 24 quarat gold pallet
One of the new products I got a CVS...make sure you don't forget about your brows---they're very important for completing a look and defining your face.
Covergirl TruBlend pressed powder in translucent light
A shimmer powder that goes on virtually undetectable except for adding a little highlight and dimension to the face.
Earthy, Greeny-gold eyeshadow by Almay

After getting my products ready, I set up my work area and washed my face good so that I had a nice, clean canvas to work on.
I recently found a facial brush and I like to use it with a gentle, oil-free triclosan based cleanser. It makes your skin tone more even and gets rid of any dry skin you might have. It was acutally the first facial brush for exfoliation that I've ever seen but I sure do like it:) Rae recommended using bicarb of soda (gotta figure out exactly what this is:) mixed with cetaphil cleanser as a fabulous exfoliator. I'm gonna try that soon.
I also set up a video camera and taped myself doing each step but sadly I couldn't get the video to download...boo! I'll try again soon!
Would you guys enjoy watching a tutorial on video?
So---this is the final look....half of it anyway:)
Half with makeup and half completely clean---
Just so you can see the difference. P.S. If you've never had just HALF your face made up---it feels REALLY strange:)
This is a look I would wear in the evening on a date with my hubby:) I LOVE red lips but I'm still having trouble finding a true red shade that doesn't look more pinkish on me (because of my natural skin tone and undertones.) If you have one to recommend, please do! If you are doing a bold lip, don't do a super intense eye or it will be just TOO much! However, you will not look "finished" if you don't add at least a little depth and dimension to the eye with shadow and mascara---there was no need to use any eyeliner for this look. I used shadow instead.
I can't wait to try the video again so you can see everything step by step:) Tomorrow evening I have a session with Brandi who is craving a smokey eye! I can't wait!
....and Be Radiant!
Love, Laura

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