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Friday, March 11, 2011

{I admit it...}

I was WRONG!!!

I was so excited about yesterday's extravagant purchases that I couldn't wait to use them this morning. I was LESS THAN IMPRESSED with the results:(

For years I have KNOWN that most drug store cosmetics perform VERY WELL for everyday use (If you are shooting for a magazine or something, then you might wanna bring out the big guns (aka the really expensive stuff) but for me....I'm going back to my drug store favorites:) Considering my mom is, in my opinion, one of the most BEAUTIFUL women in the entire world and has used nothing but drug store brands her whole life, I REALLY should've been more wise:)

The concealer, which cost $18, was so similar to the one I've been using that cost me around $6 so it's going back to Ulta. I truly did not think it was any better, once I put it on my face, than any others I've ever tried.

Secondly, the Stila highlighter....it is very pretty but for $22 I can get a wet and wild product very similar for SO MUCH LESS!

Lastly, the Benefit powder was the product I was MOST happy with:) It went on so smoothly and really feels lightweight, like you aren't wearing any makeup at all. BUT....it cost a whopping $32 so it is probably going back too...my covergirl compact is about 90% as good but about 80% cheaper:)

I can't believe I fell for the consumerism and marketing tricks! Ugh! I read several books recently that all insisted that the higher dollar products were MUCH BETTER but after a quick look back...I think it's because they want you to buy THEIR PRODUCTS! I figured those guys out!

So, I'm taking my "they got one over on me" booty to Ulta for a quick refund and a clean slate!

Happy Bargain Hunting!



jinxi~ aka angi said...

Wow.. yeah I love the wet and wild and the NYC.. as a matter of fact I mostly use the NYC for most everything except powder/cover up and mascara.. Ive started using the ultra cheap LA colors eye shadows for a buck at the dollar store and they work great.. lots of colors, dont crease and last all day!

Thanks for all the tips. I sure hope I can catch up on your blog.. I miss you so! :)

Be Radiant said...

I miss you, too! :) I hope you're doing well these days! I love the NYC products too! And in fact, my favorite eye shadow is an LA colors purple that is the BEST purple shade I've been able to find:) You know the good stuff:)