"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Saturday, March 12, 2011

{So like me....}

Yep...I knew this would happen because it's just SO LIKE ME....

I'm already off my makeup kick---I get into something so intensely for a few days, weeks, ect. but then all the sudden I'm just not that interested in it anymore and I'm ready to move on to something else:)

So since I've lost interest, if I told you I would do a makeover for you and you still want me to, I'll be more than happy too:) Please just leave me a comment so I'll know who you are. If you DON'T neccesarily want one and just volunteered to be a good friend and help me, then THANKS but I'm just putting this hobby on the back burner for a little while. I have SO MANY things I need to be doing and putting effort into that DESERVE more of my time and energy right now.

So----I'm sure my next interest is sure to pop up soon....and you know I'll tell you all about it:)

You guys keep BEING RADIANT!


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J and SE said...

Before you completely put this hobby on the shelf, I need some advice. I have awful dark circles under my eyes no matter how much I sleep, and they really need some help. I have been swiping some of my lightest cream eye shadow over it, but that doesn't stay for long. What do you recommend?