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Thursday, March 10, 2011

{We belong together!}

Excitement Overload!
See my big smile----I treated myself to some luxurious and much needed items today. I might have to start waiting tables part time because I found LOTS more than I wanted for my makeup kit! Hehe! (But seriously!)
When you spend alot shopping during your lunch break, you must compensate with a cheap (but still pretty healthy) lunch....

---$2.46, you can't beat that!

So, you wanna see what's in my bag???

New Product#1 Smashbox concealer in 02. It was $18 but it was SO WORTH IT! I tested it on my hand and instantly knew it was exactly what I was looking for. Blendable, lightweight, oil-free and a natural color. Not all people need oil-free products but I do:)

New Product #2

Stila all over shimmer duo
The perfect highlighter for cheeks, eyes and on the cupid's bow of the lip...a little trick that instantly makes your upper lip appear plumper:) It was $22 but since you only need a DAB it should last awhile.

New Product #3

Sorry it's sideways:) Benefit "Hello Flawless" custom powder cover up---I'm in love! It had the perfect yellow undertones to match my skin and covered flawlessly when I tested it on my wrist (which is the place you should also test cosmetics since it's closest to your face's color) I don't wanna tell you how much this one cost because my husband might read this...hehe! Think of it as an investment in YOU!
We really DO belong together:)

I have been trying to save money by buying cheaper stuff for my face but it really does't make much sense. Spend as much as you can afford on a REALLY good concealer, foundation, and highlighter because the pricey one's have more pigments, staying powder, and you need less to look FABULOUS! Save money by buying less expensive eyeshadow, blushers, (although you need atleast one GOOD blush) lipsticks, and glosses.

Now...Wish me luck finding that part time job!

Be Radiant!



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