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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

{Restaurant Review: HoneyBaked Ham!}

On really dreary, rainy days I LOVE getting out of the office for a lunch break with friends! Leslie suggested Honeybaked Ham and to be honest, my first thought was---YUCK! I don't even really LIKE ham and it just sounded...less than appetizing. But BOY WAS I WRONG!!!

Tip#1: NEVER leave home without "The Little Coupon Book". In it you'll find TONS of great coupons for eating out. I usually pick mine up at a gas station near my house at the first of the month.
I found this coupon for Honeybaked Ham and it was a BARGAIN!
So....let's just go on in and see what this place is all about:)
The atmosphere is quiet and quaint, perfect if you just wanna have a nice relaxing lunch break...which was exactly what I wanted! A friend of mine was working the register so that was a nice surprise, too! I chose the Turkey Bacon Ranch sandwich combo. It came with whole grain bread and I left off the ranch and cheese (to save calories:) but kept the bacon because it was DELICIOIUS! The sandwich was HUGE and I was pleasantly full when I finished:)
Leslie was happy too! Thanks for this wonderful suggestion!
I got sunchips, a big ole homemade cookie and a drink with my sandwich...
...for $5.39!
I haven't found a fast food lunch yet for $5 that can compare to that!
If you're like me and thought you wouldn't like it, give Honeybaked Ham a chance...It's DELICIOUS!
And it's so FAST that I had time to stop by Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby to pick up some crafting material---I'm gonna whip up a new Easter project tonight!

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