"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Monday, June 4, 2012

{Monday, naturally}

Oh the smell of coffee brewing (quickly!) in the morning! Our new order for the office came in so I tried this new Caribou Daybreak Morning Blend---quite tasty!

And just look at me! Ugh---I needed a wake-up call! Rolling out of bed and making it to my desk is about the best I do on Monday mornings. I'm all wrapped up because they keep it cold enough to hang beef in there. Another reason that a cup of warm coffee is a must:) I gobbled up my overnight oats sometime shortly thereafter:)
Makeup Free Monday

So...after being quite productive I got hungry and had lunch at my desk. Salad with tomatoes, cucumber, and light ranch with half of a whole wheat pepperjack quesadilla I whipped up ahead of time last night. Prepping meals at night is worth the time and effort since you can just grab and run in the am:)

I spent the rest of my hour on a quick Aldi run. I got TONS of fresh produce ---including two packages of blueberries, peppers, tomatoes, zuchinnis, 3 bags of spinach, and bananas---along with dried fruit, nuts, greek yogurt, hummus, and cheeses to stock the fridge.
I'd say my total bill looks pretty lean considering the items I purchased are usually on the pricier side.
That'll do us for lunch and dinner for about two weeks---our schedule is pretty packed and we will be eating out some, too. I never mind paying for whole, natural, delicious foods but getting them as cheap as possible is a PLUS!

Later, strolling through the park, I met two ducks chatting on the sidewalk. One duck went "quack" and the other went "quack"---and this went on for several minutes. I think they were upset that I interrupted their convo:)
There were baby ducks, too....
....although these actually look like they might be "tweens"--lol!

I spent the rest of the night soaking up quality time with this awesome guy---
Fixed up (slightly) for the outing..lol!
 ---and ate the most delicious burrito EVA at Moes.
Insides only:) And half the chips---cause they're just so darn delish!
Washed down with a diet root beer:)




MJ Goodwin said...

You motivate me to eat better. I have never been to Aldi. I think I will try it.

Anna said...

I love Aldi! All that fresh food looks delicious!