"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Thursday, June 14, 2012

{Purple over Ice}

Grape Powerade Zero---hits the spot every time:)

My new cereal wasn't too shabby either...
...just "peanut buttery" enough and really crunchy. Even better topped with a 'naner!

I joined a few friends for lunch but I wasn't very hungry since we went around 11:45 (I was still full of panda puffs:). Instead I dined on their spare tomatoes:) It looks like Leslie is wearing a big tomato slice costume. Halloween idea, anyone:0)? Get the whole family involved and you could be a salad!
Sweet Lisa shared a small bite of her sweet (as in taste and awesomeness!) cookie...
110% as delicious as it looks!

Back at the office, I had my leftover sub from yesterday and one of my summer favs---


A little obvious?

What gave it away?:)

Lastly, a beautiful fresh jar of lavendar scrub that I CAN'T WAIT to use...
..and a big plate of baked french fries with ketchup that I can't wait to eat!!!
Or is that a big plate of ketchup with baked french fries???

Either way, they won't last long!

Baked frenchies are my favorite "feels like I'm cheating but I'm not making a too terrible of a choice" indulgence:) What's yours?



Anonymous said...

Love powerade zero!!! Finally some diabetic friendly sports drinks!

Jeremy Owens

Laura said...

Jeremy...I didn't know you were diabetic! Were you always or did it happen later in life?