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Monday, June 18, 2012

tRw: {Some Days Require Candy}

Like as soon as you get out of bed...
Breakfast of champions candy lovers everywhere!

And, since health is all about balance, a bowl of non-fat cottage cheese and a big banana.

Though breakfast started with balance, my day did not. I wasn't feeling well and had lots of work that HAD to be done so I trudged on....(yes, I'd love some cheese with my whine:) Cheddar is fine.

The problem was I had a hard time shaking the "un-balanced" mood I was in. I knew I physically just "felt" bad but I kept trying to do a mental/spiritual self-check to make sure there wasn't something there that was a little off-kilter. A person is a whole: if physical, mental, and spriritual aren't aligning properly you end up "walkin' a little crooked" through the day. Basically, I just paused for a moment in the middle of my day and did some evaluating.

Here's what I was feeling:

 1. PUNY! I just didn't feel well. Icky sore throat and a moderate headache that I couldn't shake for the last few days.

2. I was exhausted---because I stayed up way too late the night before.

3. I was frustrated---at myself because I did not prepare properly for my day.

4.  I was upset--because I was frustrated at myself and letting it get the best of me.

So...Here's what I did to make it better:

1.  Drank plenty of water the rest of the day hoping it would help flush away some of my germs. I also ate some fruit thinking maybe that would help:) I also got a diet mountain dew and that seemed to help. Who cares if it's the placebo effect---works for me:) Sometimes you just don't sweat the small stuff and give yourself a free pass.

2. I wish I could've taken a nap but that wasn't an option. So---I dug deep and motivated myself by reminding myself that my body would carry me through the day and I could enjoy better sleep tonight. And my reward would be the satisfaction of a job well done.

3. I cut myself some slack! I decided to focus on what I had done right instead of what I had done wrong. Although I hadn't prepared properly for the day, I had a very successful weekend which included doing things for the ones I love most. It had left me slightly drained and I had forgotten about a few things that needed to get done. But I also made a plan of attack of how to get back on track and make the rest of my day as successful as possible.

4. I forgave myself! I let go of the guilt I had over my short-comings and patted myself on the back. I thanked God for the opportunity to live another day and committed the rest of it to Him. He was faithful and got me thru.

It was one of those day that I look back on now (it's 11:15 pm---so much for going to bed early!), thankful that I actually survived it without losing my marbles. By 9 am, if you had asked me, I would've said I didn't think I'd make it. All it took was just pausing for a quick minute and thinking of a better way ;) **wink**

---AND YES---I also ate candy.

Never ever underestimate the power of a gummy octopus to make you feel much, much better. I know one shouldn't use food as a crutch, but as long as it's done in moderation, you're not over-feeding your body, and you're getting your fill of all the nutrients you need....I say why not??? I'm not ashamed to say that it honestly cheers me up a bit:)

After I got my head right (lol!), I enjoyed a nutritious lunch.
The one thing I actually prepared for:)
Romaine lettuce, some purple lettuce:), cherry tomatoes, hemp seeds, a few sunflower seeds, strawberries, and hummus. Super yummy and colorful!

Kept me going strong....ummm, well  maybe just going is a better way to describe it, through the first night of VBS----(24 four-year-olds will wear you out!)
Look at our homemade airplane!

Thankfully, I was able to get my hands on two of the leftover fruit cup snacks towards the end of class. I'm glad they see the value in serving the kids something healthy.
Then it was CANDY TIME again:) Eaten out of sight of 4-year olds. One of the joys of being an adult es getting to decide when and where you want to eat candy, anytime---anywhere:)
Just one.
Confession. It was two:)
My super sweet hubby picked up dinner---
and we ate right in front of the TV.  Finally, a moment to relax.

So, there you have it. I made it through one hectic "had the potential to get the best of me days". It took a plan and a change in attitude, but I did it. And the next time you encounter a day from "you-know-where" just remember----you can make it too! And don't forget the candy;)

Much Love,

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