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Saturday, June 16, 2012

{Share the Fatherly Love}

This girl has got to get busy!

I'm hosting a Father's Day dinner at my house tonight and there are a million + 1 things to get done. The good thing is that my family doesn't care if there's pet hair on my couch or dust on my tv...as long as I feed them something good---they'll be happy:)

So....On the menu:

Grilled Burgers
Baked Beans
Corn on the cob
...and homemade ice cream for dessert!!!

Grocery shopping is first on the list followed by a quick tidy-up session. Probably just a little surface cleaning because the yard needs some lovin' too! Hopefully the hubby will take care of that:) And me and the sistah-friends need to go pick up "we's deddy" a gift. A new bicycle to be exact:) Adding that to the to-do list!

Yes, there's lots of work to do today--but it pales in comparison to everything my wonderful dad has done for me over the years. I wish I could give him the world but a new set of wheels and some juicy beef will have to do:) And because I know his heart, I know he will love it. Mainly because I know he loves me.

A good dad is not a gift to be taken lightly. I consider my dad one my life's GREATEST blessings. Though I'm almost 30, I still need my dad and crave his attention and approval. I cherish the moments we laugh together, cry together, and spend together. I always will. My dad has given me a gift I will carry in my heart until the day I die---the joy and comfort of knowing I was greatly loved by the man who gave me life.  His love for me comes from his love for his heavenly father, that I know for sure....and I'm so happy he shared that love with me!
My Dad is the guy in the middle. He holds our family together like glue!
I love adore TREASURE you, Dad! I really wish I was a master of words so that this story of how much I love you would do you justice. Because it doesn't. I just hope all the hugs I get to give you today speak much, much louder.

If you are missing your Dad today, I pray that you are comforted. I pray that whatever the  circumstances might be, that you can think back on a happy moment and live it again in your heart. If you are a father to someone who needs one---you are amazing because you are imitating Christ. And, if you are hurting today because you never experienced the love of an earthly father, I'm happy to share some good news with you. You have a heavenly father who loves you perfectly and can replace any pain you might feel with a calm and peaceful reassurance that He is all you need. It's a promise.

Reach out to Him today. Whether you are able to celebrate your earthly father or not, reach out to Him. Either way, we all have a reason to rejoice!

Thanks be to GOD!


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Brandy Dutton said...

Beautifully spoken Laura! :')