"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Thursday, June 7, 2012

{Orange you glad?}

I sure am! Anticipating it happily as I'm chompin on my "Mexi Bowl"---all of last night's leftovers poured over rice. Tasty:)

A few hours earlier, breakfast looked like this--
---until it became a sandwich when I ran out of time and had to eat it on the road. Didn't know how the egg and jam would mush but it was a great combo!

Followed by a giant smoothie---(horrible pic!) filled with carrots,blueberries, amazing grass, and low-fat vanilla yogurt.
That kept me super full until at least 2 pm :) Exactly as I had hoped!

I did just a bit of shopping during lunch and came home with a few treats:)
Blue silk blouse from Target--$5.24
Cool cover up for the beach (which I'll be laying on SOON!!!)--$5.24

Dipped quickly into Kohl's and used this bad boy!
And got this lovely clutch/wristlet...
....and these TOO cute hair accessories;)
----ALL FOR FREE WITH THE COUPON! What a nice little blessing:)

The yellow one went right into my hair since it matched the colors in my outfit...
and I just realized that I'm really into the orange/yellow family lately:)

Lunch was wholesome---
and gone quickly!
This may have been the BEST part of my day though---
---knowing I'm another day closer!!!

Sweet dreams about FRIDAY!!!


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