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Friday, August 27, 2010

{Oh Happy Day!}

Finally! Yippee!!!
Ready to have some fun!
I found some good deals today….see below!
Don’t ya feel happy because it’s almost the weekend?!
Almost done with work for a few days!
You should see the big smile on my face!

You get the picture---I LOVE FRIDAYS!!! I decided to go by Burke’s Outlet during lunch today because I got an email that said the “dot’s have moved!” I’m glad I did because I swiped up some bargains, plus I got an extra 15% off just because it’s Friday!---oh so many reasons to love this day!

I got a Clemson Jersey for upcoming game days (Yay!) 70% off for $3.90 + a tube of Maybelline Moisture Extreme lipstick in “windsor rose” for $1.99 + a bracelet that was 95% of for 25 cent + a cute brown belt that was 95% off for 20 cent! I love browsing through Burke’s outlets clearance dots!

Then I feasted on a heavenly fruit and yogurt parfait and called it a day! Tomorrow my family is throwing our sistah-friend Nikki another wedding shower---fun! I’m in charge of the games and I’ve got some fun stuff up my sleeves…hehe! So tonight, I think I’ll just rest up…it’s gonna be a BUSY WEEKEND!

I have forgotten to tell you a joke lately, haven’t I? Sorry!

Do pigs make good drivers?

** No! They’re ROAD HOGS!**

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jinxi~ aka angi said...

hahahaa.. road hogs! I bet I see a bunch of them tonight ;) hehee

Have a great weekend! Love your bargain Friday finds!!!