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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

{That PESKY List!}

Do you have one of these?

A little list FULL of little things you've been meaning to do but HAVEN'T! Ahhhh!

Well, I have one. {And it's normally long!} I usually make them while I'm sitting at work, trying to concentrate, and the thought of those little undone tasks keep pestering the crud out of me. It happened this week. I was typing up a report and the messy closet in the spare bedroom had me in a choke hold. Then the crazily unorganized Tupperware section of my kitchen cabinets threw me for a loop. Thus---I made the list.

And there the list sat for days, and days, and days. You get the drift.

That is....until this morning!

I tackled those terrible tasks! I organized the closet, {strangling curious cats in the process} and slowly but surely got every last bowl and lid in it's proper place in my cabinet. I feel like A MILLION BUCKS! Funny how crossing something off that list can make you feel like a new woman....

So, here's my question for you---

What's on YOUR LIST that needs tackling today?


1 comment:

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Oh myyyy! I love that you got stuff crossed off. Its tough when you are trying to work and the stuff at home is keeping you hostage. haha

This morning I made the boys Christmas lists.. oh yeah, they are already suggesting things. Which is good, because normally Im lost! The one thing that has really been bugging me at home is my closet and the hutch where all the "special" dishes are, I sooo need to reorganize that, I have a whole set of Christmas ware to put away up there. Its my project for the weekend. ;)