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Friday, November 12, 2010

{ATL Anniversary Trip 2010!}

I feel like the luckiest lady in the whole world! Four years of marriage and every day just seems to get better. Trav suprised me with an inpromtu trip to Atlanta to celebrate! First we stopped at Cracker Barrel for some breakfast...
And along the way we refueled with some gummy worms. The perfect road trip snack!
When we got to the Marta station we got our tickets...
And were on our way!
While we waited on our train we spent some time thinking about how awesome the last four years have been!We got off at Inman Park and set out to find a good sushi restaurant---
The neighborhood we walked through stole my heart! It's called Little Five Points and it's so retro, relaxed and totally unique----
Maybe this little purple house gives you some idea of what I mean---it had so much character!
I found one I wanted--- Pretty Please?!

Can we please get one of these consignment stores in A town???
Can you see that guy? He's wearing a beard net! lol!

We found an awesome sushi joint called Sweet Lime and we were hungry!
Hmmm....let's see. I think I want one of everything!

A seaweed salad to start
And two platefuls of deliciousness!

As you can see....it was FAB!
We grabbed some hot chocolate at a coffee shop next door and started our way back to the Georgia Dome for the game...
...and were a little silly along the way!

When we got to the dome we also got FOOTBALL FEVER!
Down, Set, Hut!
Kickin' a field goal before the game

Hold on...Wait...Who's that???
It's DWIGHT from the Real Housewives of Atlanta! He was very friendly...he gave me a kiss on the cheek!
And there's DeGeneration X! Triple H and HBK...LOL!

And the night ended perfectly....
The Falcons won and the ride back on Marta was a hoot to say the least!
And at 3:30 am we rolled in the driveway....tired but happy! I couldn't ask for more!



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What I Say Matters! said...

Aww Friend! It looks like y'all had an awesome anniversary! And you met Dwight! Love it!