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Saturday, November 20, 2010

{Sunday School Yard Sale!}

The morning started at 5:30 am...I can't even remember the last time I was up that early...lol! We had to be at our church yard sale by 6:30 to get everything ready to roll...
...and it was COLD!!!

I had a stop to make on my way---can you guess where I am?
That's right!
What yard sale can begin without Bojangles biscuits for the hardworking crew?
My friend Kim's family was there and her cute kids found backpacks just right for them!
And thankfully---the sun FINALLY broke through late afternoon!
We couldn't have done it without "Patrick the Salesman!"...
...and everyone's hard work!

My buddy, Caroline, helped me stay warm and we had fun doing some arts and crafts during the down time.
She painted ME!....
and a poster!
And guess what???
We met our goal! We were able to raise enough money for our special guy...plus some!!!
Thanks to everyone for all your hard work and generosity!
P.S. So sad I didn't get a group shot with the gals! I must have been hiding under a blanket and missed the opportunity while we were all there together...bummer! Brooke and Kim...don't let me forget next time!

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