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Sunday, November 14, 2010

{Sunday Shoppin'!}

Lucky me! I got to meet up with Fran, Morgan, Brittney, Molly, and Makayla for an afternoon shopping trip!
The girls all took a ride on the Merry-Go-Round...
... even Makayla! It was her first time and she LOVED it! Molly, on the other hand, was a little dizzy so I get to ride with her next time! Sorry Mo, but you know I don't mind! I'd ride that Merry-Go-Round all day with the sweet little baby if I could!
"Mommy...this is FUN!"
That is mini-Molly, don't ya think?!
After our ride, everyone got some lunch and I got to take home the Chinese leftovers....woo woo! Everyone always gives me the leftovers because you know I don't like ANYTHING going to waste...hehe!

After we ate we went to find some bargains! We stopped at Belk Home Store to browse through all the beautiful Christmas stuff...
...HUH? This isn't a hat? Who knew! I got in the Christmas spirit and found myself humming carols!

Later, I found a new pair of jeggins at Belk that were on clearance for $7! Molly and Fran each found some nice new things, too. Makayla fell asleep in my arms in the dressing room and I loved every minute!

Afterwards, I stopped by Goodwill because I was having withdrawals! I found all this....


For $2.50! Score!

I'm thankful for good deals....what about you?!

So...now I'm curled up on the couch and thinking about making some hot chocolate---the more I think about it the better that ideas sounds....

SOOOOO, I think it's time to shut 'er down and whip up a cup of yummy for me and Trav!

Hope everyone has a FAB week!


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