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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

{My Holiday Goals+ My New Treasure Hunt!}

Here's a short list of my plans for a stress-free Holiday Season:
{Yes, I'm already so excited about Christmas that I can hardly stand it!}

1. Focus on the most important things-Jesus, Family, Friends, spending quality time with people
2. Focus LESS on material things-buy gifts according to what you can afford and give from the heart!
3. Start EARLY- I was almost finished shopping for Christmas by Thanksgiving last year and I hope to have all my shopping finished and wrapped this year by my Dec. 1st deadline. I made my shopping list today and thought of nice, affordable gift ideas for each person. It's nice because once Christmas season is in full force you can just relax and enjoy! You're also more likely to get better deals when you shop ahead of time. Who could complain about that?
4. Remember the following- My husband's most famous quote...

Though we might want to accept every invitation we get, remember that if you are rushing too much you miss out on enjoying the moment. So plan wisely and avoid making TOO many plans.
5. Set aside some quiet time- ride around and look at christmas lights with a loved one, sip hot chocolate or cider while wrapped up in a warm blanket, watch an old nostalgic Christmas movie...that's the GOOD STUFF!
6. Go see a Christmas play, concert or production- This one is a MUST for me! And if kids are involved, it's a plus! How cute are they singing their little Christmas carols???

***Ok... I think that's enough to get this CHISTMAS CRAZINESS out of my system for now! Thanks for listening....hehe!***

P.S. I'm also now on a search for a WAFFLE MAKER! We had one but it's broken and I had to toss it. I checked Wal-Mart's price today on a new one {mainly because I was thinking about making them for supper}---$29.99 YIKES!---so I think there will be something else on the menu tonight...hehe! Obviously I'm not gonna pay $30 for one and I'm pretty sure I can find one used for much cheaper and for something that I will rarely use, I think that's a pretty good idea. So let the hunt begin! Goodwill...HERE I COME!


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jinxi~ aka angi said...

Ive been definitely thinking about buying a waffle iron as well. I think Im going to put it on our list for my Dad, he never knows what to get us.. and he has fun shopping for those gadgets!

Your plans for the holiday sound low key and right on!

Im so happy to get caught up on things again! :)