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Monday, March 15, 2010


I finally got enough of it to clean my house today! Yea!

I've been SERIOUSLY lacking it since getting back from our cruise...something about having someone do EVERYTHING for you for a week really makes you SPOILED! HAHA! So far today I have gotten my kitchen, hardwoods, and one bathroom floor done and vacuumed the bonus room. I got a bunch of laundry done, too. Left on my list is dusting, kitchen counters and fridge, and detailed bathroom work---uhh!---but that's ok because it feels SO good when it's finished! I am already feeling like a new woman! What is it about a clean house that makes you feel so FABULOUS???

We had a fun girls lunch today with Molly to celebrate her last day at work before Maternity Leave. The gals chose Applebee's which I was excited about until my food came. I hate to be a "Debbie Downer" but facts are facts and my food was NOT GOOD! BOO! I chose the Weight Watchers Grilled Chicken Portabello Mushroom Sandwhich with a side of steamed veggies. The steamed veggies (the few I had...Boo again!) were good but when I lifted the bun off my sandwich I was appauled! A TINY little piece of grilled chicken that looked like it had been cut off the corner of an actual chicken breast. NOT what I expected. But I ate it and didn't complain...just didn't feel like it today...know what I mean? But I will not be ordering that again. But the company, I must say, was GREAT! I sure will miss Mo at work!

Travis has a dentist appt. tomorrow to see about his TMJ which has been really giving him some problems. I hope he gets some relief! It's been hurting alot when he eats. I couldn't fall asleep last night and while I was watching some late night TV he was asleep next to me, grinding his teeth HARDCORE! It gave me the hibbie-gibbies! Like fingernails on a chalkboard or something! EEK! I'm sure that is making his TMJ much worse.

P.S. My little "fruzin" Morgan has the cutest little blog... I sure do LOVE reading it! I gave ya a shout-out, Morg!

I think tonight is a breakfast kind of night! We're gonna have some Turkey bacon, whole wheat toast with sugar-free jelly, grits, and eggs (egg whites for me...Trav gets the extra yolks)...sounds yummy, huh? I love having breakfast for supper!

Gotta go get a few more things accomplished for the day! Yea!


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