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Friday, March 5, 2010

~Weekend Plans~...Yea!!!

Well folks...it's shaping up to look like a Fun and Busy Weekend!

First of all yesterday was my Mom's birthday so I'd like to give her a great big "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" shout-out!!!

Yesterday Molly and I went to the Upstate Kids consignment and had lots of fun although I'd have to say some items were WAY overpriced but you know I am a "DEAL HUNTER!!!" But I did find a pack-n-play for Makayla when she comes to my house for $10...Woo Hoo!!! And I started Makayla's Dr. Suess book collection, too! I just already love that little girl to pieces! She'll be here before we know it!

Today has been EXTREMELY busy so far at work but it IS friday so no complaints! My unit is going out to eat for lunch to celebrate my co-worker Renea's birthday and then tonight me and Trav don't have any plans yet but I'm thinking it would be nice to go out to eat and chat because we've both been so busy that we have barely had any time to do that this week. And Trav is feeling lots better already...must have just been a little bug or something.

Tomorrow I'm meeting my friend Bubba and two of her friends for Cracker Barrel breakfast and a day of thrift store shopping...lots of fun to be had!!! Sunday Vanessa and I will be going to see Travis's grandmother, Bette, perform in the Follies! She really steals the show!

Boop...boop...a doo...BOOP!!!



Ansley said...

eI agree - Items were overpriced, I try to price my items low, so people would actually buy them - I did find Harper a few pairs of shoes that were $2 each and a few littl sundresses for $2, but that was about it! Have a great weekend!

Dee said...

Whoo hoo for Thrift store shopping...I'm also doing thrift store shopping this weekend in ATL. Can't wait!

Have a fantastic weekend! can't wait to hear about the good buys!