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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Prayers needed...

Please pray for a little girl named Caroline. She has cancer and this is an excerpt from the family's email. Although it is so sad I found this to be one of the most PROFOUND expressions of love, hope, and FAITH that I have ever read...

"This update is hard to put out, but I'll try the best I can. Caroline's body has started to shutdown now. The last few days have been very peaceful, but she's stopped eating and drinking a few days ago. At this point, we have hours left rather than days.

Mary and I have both talked to her and told her that's it's OK to let go now. She's been protective of us though all of this and she's fighting to hang on. Yesterday was the last day that she was able to communicate through simple yes and no. The exception to that is during my talk with her. I told her that God must have really loved us, because out of all the little girls he could have given me, he gave me the best one. In clasic Caroline style, she was able to get out "I know".

While we know that it's time for her to go back to God, it's so hard to let go. We are now just spending time holding her and being together as a family. Please pray for peace and comfort for our family."

I know this family will appreciate as many prayers as possible!

Here are a few more prayer requests:

*My Granny is still having some blurred vision related to some medication she is taking for her giant cell arteriotis. It has been a really terrible side effect but she must continue to take this medication to help her condition*

*Molly, John, and Makayla got home safely today and are looking forward to getting settled in at home and getting a good schedule going!*

*Our NunNun is having a stint put in next week and will be undergoing surgery and needs your prayers!*

*My friend Ann is having tests done after getting some concerning results from a recent physical*

*Bubba is sick...poor thing...she could barely talk the other day*

I know there are more and I'll add them as they come to mind! Thanks all my blog friends for helping me with these prayer requests!


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