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Friday, March 26, 2010

Little things...

that add up big!

Here are five little things I do to save money and be resourceful!

1. Always grab a few extra napkins, plastic spoons, ect. when you go out to eat. Throw them in your purse because you never know when you'll need them. I haven't had to buy any in a LONG time! I learned this nifty little trick from my Granny!

2. Always collect empty gift bags that others may just going to be throwing away. I do this at all the family birthday/holiday get-togethers and I always have plenty at home! Save the tissue paper too...who cares if its a little wrinkled and if it bothers you...just iron it before gifting!

3. Take your own drink to the restaurant with you. I know...this may border line weird to some people...but it's not at all to me. I do it all the time and when drinks cost you atleast $2 a pop...your wallet will thank you. Or start carrying your favorite flavor pack in your purse and discretely dump in your water and your are good to go! $2.50 saved that easy!

4. Keep a box full of little samples...like the kind you get in hotels, ect. and pack them on your next trip so you don't have to buy anything when it's time to hit the road on your next vacation. I love requesting free samples online, getting them in the mail, and filling up my box! Always prepared!

5. Buy stuff WAY ahead of time for birthdays, holidays, ect. When I find a good deal I try to think ahead a few months...who's birthday is coming up? who's having a baby?...and buy accordingly. I found the best way for me to keep track of what I have gotten for people is to write it in on their birthday in my calendar so when the time comes I remember that I have already purchased the gift. I also have a spare bedroom so often times I will lay stuff out on the bed to remind myself what I have.

These are just a few things I have found save my family money. Do you have any little tricks that help you do the same? If so...please share them with me!

Yea for saving money!


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