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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Caboodles + A BIG DEAL!

In my last post I mentioned that I cleaned up and organized some over the weekend and here's the proof...

This one is full of all my makeup, neatly organized into each little section, with my larger things I use every morning like my deoderant, sunscreen, and moisturizer stowed in the large bottom section. It's made my mornings much easier! And I'm all for easy! Yea!

This one above is full of my hair accessories and lip sticks, balms, and glosses, and there are more than enough of those to go around! *I LOVE LIPGLOSS!*

I wasn't planning on shopping at CVS yesterday but since I had to pick up a prescription I decided to go in to get it, instead of going through the drive through, to see if they had further reduced any of their Easter clearance. Well...boy am I glad I did because I got all that you see below for $14!!!

My finds were all marked 75% off and I got two crystal lazy susans (I actually had been wanting one of these!), two boxes of picture frames (a total of 20 frames) some binoculars for my little brother, an LED lantern to put away and give as a gift later on, new purple nail polish, glitter eyeshadow,and three huge lollipops for the fruzins and lil' bro the next time they visit! I was so happy to stumble across these deals and now I have some ideas for mother's day gifts for the ladies in my family! In addition to the items being 75% off, the makeup was also BOGO and I had $2.50 in extra care bucks! Woo Hoo! I am continuing to try to stretch my dollars as far as they will go and I always feel so good when I can get a good deal like this!

It's dreary and chilly outside and since I just filled my belly with an apple and some frosted mini wheats, I think a quick little nap is in order! Have a great night!


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