"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I think I'm getting too many! I've been SO SLEEPY lately!

Take today for example...

Woke up at ten
Napped during lunch from 1-1:45
Fell asleep on the couch after work from 7-10 (only woke up because I was about to pee in my pants...lol)
Ready to go back to sleep now and it's only 11:45

I trust my body though and if it thinks it needs sleep I guess that's fine but I wonder why I'm so sleepy...and NO...I'm not pregnant! Lol!

I've been eating good, exercising, going to bed at a decent time??? Hmmmm....

Do you find yourself needing naps throughout the day or not?

A friend of mine at work told me she's just not a nap person? Must be nice because I can't get enough naps into my day...

Slept through dinner...poor Trav made himself a little salad and let me sleep...he's so sweet! I was hungry when I got up so I had a baked potato and a few pieces of turkey sandwich meat and it was right tasty! I tried to keep it light since it was 10 pm but when you're hungry, you're hungry...right?

Anyway, I so HATE 30 minutes TV shows...aka THE HILLS...because as soon as you're into it...BOOM! It's over! Boo! But i'm already looking forward to next weeks episode. Their drama=my viewing pleasure! LOL!

I got to see my Mom today because she came to Anderson to get her hair done but missed her appt. because I forgot to remind her that Jessica has her own shop now...OOPS! But she made the best of it by visiting our new $5 Christian book store and spending some time with me, Molly, and Makayla! Fun times, fun times!

Well, it's time for me to hit the hay...AGAIN!

Night, Night!



Me, Becoming a Teacher said...

well im going to be late studying..boooo!!! Glad your getting to get some zzzzz =)

~ Rada Rhythm and Rhyme~ said...

Good luck on your math test tomorrow! You can do it and here's some advice...2+2=4! That's about as much help as I can give ya! LOVE YOU!!! I just commented on your blog!