"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Friday, April 9, 2010


Last night we had some pretty rough storms blow through and I was TERRIFIED! I have a complete PHOBIA of storms (luckily it's gotten better since I was younger and hid under my desk at school or under my lunch table!) When I heard a tornado was spotted in our area I went into PANIC mode and hunkered down! Me, Rex, Roxie, and Glory hid away safely here...

...Yup...that's my bathroom and I happily curled up by the toilet until the storm passed! (Note my lighter for candles...just in case! I was PREPARED! LOL!) I finally came out when my sister, Nikki, called and said the sun had started to come out about an hour later! Finally, I was in the clear so I left my hideout and watched some Entertainment tonight until Trav got home from work. Whwww...that was a close one!

And...now it's FRIDAY and I couldn't be happier! I see visions of thrift store shopping and possibly even the jockey lot in my future for tomorrow! And maybe watching a little of The Master's with Trav...so relaxin' on a Sunday afternoon!

But first I will enjoy a FUN FRIDAY lunch with Bubba at Logan's...yummy side salad and baked potato lunch combo...can't beat it with a stick!

P.S. I MUST change this Easter blog background as well as take down all my Easter decor...I guess I've enjoyed it enough until next year! And I MUST paint these plain ole nails of mine! Just ordered some TANGERINE polish from my Aunt Fran (AVON) and I can't wait to get some CITRUS nails!

Ok...so...Yea for FRIDAY!


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