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Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend THRILLS and DEALS!

All I can say is that I just enjoyed a SUPER DUPER FUN WEEKEND!!!

I am so thankful for the BLESSING of a weekend filled with BEAUTIFUL WEATHER and my AWESOME family and friends! I'm so happy!

The fun started Saturday morning when I met up with BUBBA for some yard sale fun! We went to Westside High School, where they were having a sale to benefit the American Cancer Society (so worth spending lots of money there!) and boy did we find some TREASURES! You could fill up a brown paper bag for $5 so we took advantage! Then we met up with my Aunt Fran and the girls and headed out to the Jockey Lot! I think half the people in Anderson where there! Made for LOTS of fun...and I only spent $40 the whole day! SO PROUD! And for that $40 I got:

Two rings
Silver Cuff Bracelet
3 new magazines
A nice Tupperware container (perfect for poolside fruits and veggies)
Spreaders (5)
Four sweaters to put up for next Fall
2 pairs of Yoga pants
One pair running shorts
One tank top
1 Baby blanket for Makayla
One beaded necklace
One earring and necklace set
One dress
Three pairs of shoes
A sandwich cutter
One pink hat
2 t-shirts
One bathing suit cover up
One straw purse
One Gap purse (still had tag on it!)

Bubba, who also got some DEALS, was nice enough to bring some healthy snacks (nana's and granola bars) and we enjoyed those until we could get the Mall for some Chic-fil-A! Yummy!

Little Census Advertisers! The cutest ones I've ever seen! We all got free t-shirts!

Sunday Trav and I went to the early service at Church and then ate breakfast at Denny's...whole grain pancakes with sugar-free syrup, egg whites, and turkey bacon...tyring to keep it Healthy!!! Then Trav played some golf with his dad and Patrick and I went to the lake for a cookout with my fam.

I got to meet my lil' sister's new boyfriend (I TOTALLY approved!) and then I took a Sunday nap...why are naps so GREAT on Sundays???

I hope everyone has a MARVELOUS MONDAY!


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Lauren said...

Hey Laura!!! I just stumbled across this blog when I was looking at someone else's! How can I get in touch with you?? I was hoping to find your e-mail address on here but can't seem to find it...I'm not too good with this blog stuff haha After reading a couple of your posts, it looks like everything is going really well, but I would love to catch up sometime! It's been wayyyyy too long since, I've talked to you guys! Sounds like I need to come to Anderson and go shopping with ya'll. I went shopping this weekend too but spent about $200 on like four things...yikes! (I'm having buyers remorse now) Anyways, e-mail or call me when you get a chance!
-Lauren Lea