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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jackpot at the Clearance Center!

By now I'm sure you've realized that many of my post have to do with my ADDICTION to thrift store shopping! I *LOVE* it! TREMENDOUSLY! Such a stress reliever...

Anyway, today after my conference in Greenville I decided to make a little stop to my favorite little place, the Goodwill Clearance Center, and found some AWESOME FINDS!

Here's my loot from today:

1. Light Blue Express Editor pants
2. A Minnie Mouse Costume...Funny enough I've actually been wanting to find one so I can be Minnie next Halloween *SMILE*
3. Hollister Tee
4. Hollister Tank
5. Gap cropped low rise capris
6. Little Black Dress from New York and Company
7. Several purses for the "fruzins!"
8. New Straw purse for...Me....lol!
9. Gap sandles
10. Old Navy Summer Dress (like a "churchy" type dress)...WEARING IT TOMORROW!
11. Melon colored sundress..very cute!
12. Purple and green polka-dot belt...very cute WITH the sundress mentioned above!
13. American Eagle Kakhi cargo skirt
14. New Mossimo jeans
15. About 5 tee-shirts
16. A kid book (yep...I have quite the collection for my own kids one day)
17. About four scarves (I'm thinking mainly for my updo's this summer)
18. A new dressy teal colored jacket/cape
19. Two packs "D" batteries for my new camping lantern! Weird I know but there they were just laying in one of the bins!
20. White leggings from the Limited
21. Fuschia Banana Republic short sleeve sweater
22. I also got three hours of FUN digging thru all the bins!
(pics to come soon!)
And just so you know I don't care one bit about wearing "designer" clothes...they just need to be CUTE--lol--but I'm certainly not going to complain about getting so many designer lables for this cheap!

Ok...now for the grand total...

$16 BUCKS! WOW! I'm telling you...if you've never been you are REALLY MISSING OUT!

I was pretty pooped after my three hour thrifting adventure today but I went ahead and washed all my new stuff when I got home and it's all ready to wear now. When Trav got home from work I made myself some french toast (Surprise!...I already confessed that I'm hooked!) and we just chilled around the house for awhile. Thankfully it FINALLY stopped raining so we took Glory on a walk up to Bette and NunNuN'S to visit for a little while. I really missed them! We came home and watched Mosley/Mayweather 24/7 (any boxing fans in the house???) and I ended up despising Mayweather even more than I already did which I thought was impossible! Hoping he gets KNOCKED out COLD next Saturday! There are actually two rowdy boys in my living room watching a fight right now...

I made myself an awesome little healthy treat tonight...wanna know what it was? Of course you do because it was SUPER yummy!

Homemade Banana Icecream...recipe courtsey of Red Head Recipes!

Freeze two bananas
Once frozen place bananas (broken into pieces) into a blender or food processor
Throw in a little vanilla, a few cubes of ice, and about a third a cup of skim milk
(and I added a packet of slenda)
Blend until smooth and creamy
Top with a few chocolate chips


Well...I have stayed up ENTIRELY too late tonight because I have a busy day tomorrow with Church, Double date with Ali and Bond, and hopefully a visit with MAKAYLA!

Sleep tight...

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