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Monday, April 19, 2010

And we had FUN, FUN, FUN...

Good Monday To Ya!

This past weekend was AWESOME! Friday night my movie plans fell through because I fell asleep at 6:30 pm and didn’t wake up until Saturday mornin’…but on the plus side I woke up feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed! Lol! Travis went to play golf so I ventured out on the town. I got ready and then stopped by Subway to try one of their new breakfast selections and on a scale of 1-10 I guess I’d give it about a 6. I guess I’m just spoiled by my yummy McDonald’s Egg McMuffin that I think is so DELICIOUS! But since the Subway choice is a good bit lower in calories I won’t mind trying to get used to it. I stopped by Dunkin Donuts after leaving Subway because I had a coupon for a free cup of coffee but you know what…I just don’t like coffee that much anymore unless it’s at night or in Sunday School. Those are my favorite Coffee times! I ended up throwing it away and what a waste because Travis LOVES DD coffee…sorry honey!

After breakfast I drove around my neighborhood and found a few yard sales. At my first stop I got a LOVELY pink straw purse and a HUGE pack of threads in all different colors for my sewing machine for $1.00! Woo Hoo! I am really DYING to learn how to work my sewing machine! At my next stop I got a Tupperware cake server for $2.00 (I saw one later on at the Salvation Army for $5.00 so I got a deal and mine was SUPER CLEAN!). Next I found a small pearl bracelet with little green beads woven in (loved it because it looks kinda vintage and Earthy) and some Christmas stickers to use for my Christmas cards next year all for 50 cents. After yard-selling, I went to this new Salvation Army store in town and found a HUGE bag of stickers for $1.00 (I LOVE STICKERS!!!) and then I went to Haven of Rest where I found about 20 brand new greeting cards (various types) complete with envelops and another Caboodle for some stuff I needed to organize for a total of $2.00. After shopping I came home and took a quick nap before heading to Lincolnton, Ga for our evening activities…

Around 4 we plugged up the GPS and headed to GA to celebrate my Poppa’s birthday and see my little sis, Ali, go to the Prom there with her boyfriend Bond. It worked out PERFECTLY because my Uncle Eddie lives directly across from the School where prom was being held so we had pizza and cake and watched my Poppa open his presents and then walked over for the Prom Ceremony.

The way they do the Prom is really different in this town and I’ll try my best to explain it. At the entrance of the prom there were two big sets of bleachers for the spectators and a big fancy ramp with lots of sparkly lights set up in-between the bleachers. As the limos pulled up to let the kids out an English teacher introduced them to the crowd as they walked over the ramp and into the prom. While they posed at the top of the ramp, some one positioned a big spotlight on each couple and it was just BEAUTIFUL! I thought it was an AWESOME way to make the prom more special for the parents, kids, and community! Of course, Ali was so BEAUTIFUL and I was so happy to see her having so much fun!

*We all wanted to hop in and go on a JOY RIDE!* lol!
We got home pretty late and hit the hay…
Sunday Worship was WONDERFUL and so was our Mexican lunch outing with the McAllisters!

Ray ordered catfish which we all got a kick out of and Jessica and I insisted we have our pictures taken (for our blogs, of course!) and both of our hubbys begrudgingly obliged (apparently husbands don’t see the value in documenting the little day to day moments like we do… *SMILE*) After a nice Sunday afternoon nap I got up and cleaned of my “junk rooms” which were DESPERATE for a good organizing! I felt like a NEW WOMAN when I got finished. We decided to have breakfast for supper so we took Glory on a walk up to Ingles and got some bread and eggs. We were doing our best to be GREEN and walk to get our groceries instead of driving two minutes over to pick up our goods. The only mistake I made was leaving my reusable shopping bag at home…oops! I’ll remember next time. I made some homemade French toast using light bread, egg whites, and sugar free syrup and made some turkey bacon to go on the side. DEE-LICIOUS!!!

Also...here are a few pics from Lisa's Baby Shower on Friday!

Have a great day!

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