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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday Thrifting Adventure

Good Morning!

Today's treat to myself will be a stop at the Haven of Rest to see what treasures I can find!

I must also stop and get some batteries for my camera because they went ka-puts on me last night! And I NEED my camera!

Today I'm hoping to find a purse that can have my initials embroidered on it so maybe I'll get lucky! I'm also looking for a clean food processor because I really need one and I'm gonna look a little longer for a good deal somewhere before I buy a brand new one. It's the kinda thing you don't use everyday so I don't wanna spend much on it.

Also, My friend Bubba did some Spring cleaning this week and passed done lots of cute stuff to me...THANKS BUBBA! She gave me several cute dresses that I can't wait to wear!I need to do a little Spring cleaning of my own...

What's the best thing you've found lately at a thrift store???

Hope you have a GREAT day!


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Me, Becoming a Teacher said...

I found a 60 year old woman breastfeeding a 7 year old child at the flea market