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Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Weekend Plans

Well...it's almost Easter and I'm very excited!

Crossing my fingers that work goes by smoothly and quickly today and then the fun can begin!

Tonight I'm gonna get a few things done I need to do around the house (mainly cleaning...YUCK!) and paint my nails and toenails for Easter Weekend! I have red on right now and I need something bright pink to go with my Easter dress. Then Saturday morning I'm meeting Bubba and Kathryn for breakfast at my FAV place...Good Ole' Cracker Barrel...and then meeting my Mom at my house to head to the Jockey Lot! It's going to be a fun day! And not to mention this weekends weather is supposed to be so BEAUTIFUL...YEA!

Sunday Trav and I are going to the early Easter service and then our church is having a church wide fellowship breakfast (those are so fun!) and then we are going to celebrate Easter with family and enjoy the sunshine!

I saw a church billboard that really described how celebrating Easter should feel...

"He has risen. Hear us Shout! That's what Easter is about!"

I love saying that in a little sing-songy kind of way! It makes me happy!


Just in case I'm not back on to post during this BUSY weekend I hope everyone has a Happy Easter and enjoys celebrating our Savior's victory over death and His sacrifrice for us!

Yea for Jesus!


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