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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

{Father's Day Weekend Photo Album!}


Hope you are having a TERRIFIC TUESDAY! This weekend was BUSY, BLISTERING, AND BEAUTIFUL...wouldn't you agree?

Here's some of the recent happenings in the World of Rada...

First, I DID get a free smoke alarm from my city fire department. Each family in the city limits can get ONE per family. I mean, we already paid for it anyway...taxes and all, you know? So I was happy to take mine home! So...I was sleepy and drained Friday after work so I did the following:

1. Stopped at Bilo and got this...my new favorite candy
And this...which looked like a pretty good chic flick...which it was!
And I curled up here to watch and eat! I was asleep by around 7 pm!
After a well rested Friday night, Saturday morning I met Bubba and Elizabeth for breakfast at Cracker Barrel in Greenville. Can you guess where we went next??? Of course...the Goodwill Clearnance Center!

Elizabeth and Bubba relaxed while I paid...

And then we got a quick group photo! I love these girls!

This is my new bookshelf. It took several men and lots of sweat to get this loaded into Bubba's car but we finally crammed it in! I was determined to get it home!
I also got this for Makayla! These usually retail for about $14.50 new so since I paid about 30 cent for this I'd say it's a bargain! It works great!

I also got this Coleman fanny pack...lol! For my next camping or hiking adventure!

Saturday night I went to E-town for our Father's Day get-together!
Me and my WONDERFUL "DEDDY"! I love you, Dad!
Some of my family relaxing after our big meal...
Me and my Pop! He's such a special guy...I love him so much!!!
My Granny and Amy...about to watch the fathers open their gifts! I love them so much, too!
Pop enjoying the night with his family....
Dad opening a present from me and Trav....
And about to open another one! I wish I could give my Dad the world!
We had a great time celebrating together!
Sunday, I got up and had the organizin' bug! Here are my "BEFORE" books...
And here's the "AFTER"....
Much better, huh?!
My Granny grew these cucumbers...she gave me some and it made me really happy! I already ate them up!

After cleaning most of the day on Sunday, I had a hankerin' for a cold, icy, indulgent drink! So I made myself a virgin frozen margarita!
I got the mix on my Sunday afternoon trip to Big Lots, poured a little in the blender, threw in some ice, and enjoyed my little treat! I just love the flavor of a cold, tropical tasting drink...how about you?
On Monday morning...EARLY monday morning might I add...me, Trav, Patrick, and Daniel we went to Furman Golf Course for a SCGA qualifying event. I was Trav's handy dandy caddy and followed him through the 36 hole day! I had a great time being their with my honey on the golf course!
Here he is getting ready for the first tee!
Here I am about to take off in the cart...so fun!

And this is the end of the day...A tired Caddy ready to go home and get in the shower! LOL!
I wanted to take more pics on the course, but it wasn't allowed...boo!
So, that was my weekend, folks!
And here's your joke...
What do you call an oyster who won't share his pearl?
Gotta Run!


Dee said...

Looks like you had a GREAT weekend =) I still want to plan a shoping trip with you soon =)

Bubba said...

Man you had full exciting weekned! I'm glad we were able to get you that bookshelf, looks like it came in handy! Love ya...and glad you got to be Travis's caddy.