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Thursday, June 10, 2010

{Taco Tantrum!}

I'm fiery mad with Taco Bell!

I just had the WORST experience ever...

Trav had to work super late tonight so we did a fast food dinner. He wanted Wendy's but I was really craving Taco Bell. I went through the drive thru, thinking it would be quicker since I had a beginning-to-melt frosty in the car for Trav.

And here's how it went down...

I place my order. Two soft chicken tacos, fresco style, a diet dew, and side of plain rice. I pay and the lady, who is OBVIOULSY stoned out of her mind (the grinding jaw and bug eyes were a dead giveaway!)and she handed me my drink. I was really thirsty so I took a sip. Great, she gave me Pepsi. I told her she'd given me the wrong drink and she said "Well, the diet mnt. dew is out." ughhhh! I asked her to at least give me a diet pepsi and she did. The problem was, when she handed it to me it was literally half way full. No joke. I just bit my toungue and ran inside to fill it up. At this point, I'm just trying to stay patient. I tried to give this lady a break...she seemed really pitiful. I left with my food, thinking it would be great. BIG MISTAKE!

I got home and sat down with my meal, really hungry by this time, and realized that they had given me BEEF tacos instead of Chicken. Ahhhh! This was when I dug my reciept out of the trash ready to call the manager. But first, I decided to vent about it here...lol! I'm sure calling the manager isn't gonna do much good. That was probably the manager who got my order wrong and looked like she'd been on a three day crack binge. I honestly considered asking that lady if she needed some help. Maybe I will if I see her again. But for now, I must send an email to the Taco Bell management!

Obviously, I'm big on good customer service!



Bubba said...

Wow! Sorry you had such a bad experience. Hope your day is better today.

Me, Becoming a Teacher said...

me too....I get very angry at stuff like that, expecially rude worker...they reallllly upset me