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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

{Hello Sweet Mama!}

We have REALLY been into Watermelon at our house lately! And not just any watermelon, but this one... The Seedless "Sweet Mama" that is on sale for $2.99 at Bilo right now! Love a good fruit with a cute name! And since it's on sale, why not eat one every night this week? *Wink!*


Then we polished off this "Sweet Mama" last night!
We're batting two for two and have another half to enjoy tonight!

**I like my watermelon COLD and SALTY! What about you?**

I also had a very tasty treat from the DQ on my way home from E-town the other night!

ICY, GRAPEY, GOODNESS! It's an Artic Freeze, formerly known as a "Mister Misty" and it was so delicious and refreshing!
Proof that I enjoyed every last drop! Lovely, huh?

On a different note, I had a dentist appt. yesterday....YUCK! I really DO NOT ENJOY going to the dentist, --who does?--, but I wanna brag on my dentist for a minute! I've been seeing Dr. Copeland now for several years and I couldn't ask for a more gentle, professional, painless-as-possible dentist!

And guess what made my dental experience even better yesterday? I got a present from sweet Bette! She picked me up since my car is out of commision and surprised me with this..

And look what was inside..

Oh so true!!!
Bette told me that her mom used to say "Anyone who had to have their teeth worked on deserves a present!" I think that's so sweet and I might start a little tradition in my own family!

Now, for a Tuesday morning joke in honor of my upcoming beach vacation....

What did the shrimp yell to the seaweed?

**Kelp! Kelp!**

P.S. I've got an A-town "inside scoop" that i'll be telling you about soon! Check back for more details soon!



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Elizabeth said...

When are you going to the beach? Are you going to Myrtle? Love ya!