"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I'm very proud of two very special guys!

Travis and his dad, Ken, played in the County Golf Championship at the Anderson County Club this weekend and did a GREAT JOB!

Travis shot 76, 73 and Ken won the net division. Travis finished 13th place overall and won an $85 gift certificate. Ken even got his picture in the paper...SEE! Travis wasn't featured...but should have been! He! He! I'm proud of our family golfers! Now if I can only learn to swing a club!

I'm actually going to get to caddy for Trav in an upccoming tournament so I'm looking forward to that! I'm a pro at reading putts and estimating yardage! SIKE! I will try to be a good encourager though!

What a rainy Memorial Day, huh? But I hope you didn't let it ruin your long weekend...I didn't! I had my lil sis Ali, lil bro Brian, and Fruzin Morgan with me all weekend! We had a blast!

Saturday we started the day early by taking Glory on a long walk. After we realized our water park plans were rained out, we ended up going to the Goodwill Clearance Center in Greenville instead. Boy did we LOAD up! We got 24 lbs. of goods for about $13.oo! Usually it's $1.19/LB but on Sundays it's half price! Woo Hoo! It's nice to let the kids run around and just get whatever they want...and you can do that when your items cost about 10 cent each! FUN and THRIFTY! I HIGHLY recommened you take a trip there sometime. Unfortunately my camera batteries went dead- hence, no pics of our fun adventure...BOO! But do know we were smiling!

After Goodwill we went to the skating rink. It was Brian's first time so he was a lil' wobbly...lol! I held his hand as he slowly got a little more steady and by the end of the day he was venturing out on his own. Ali and Morgan helped him out some, too. Good memories!

When we got back to Anderson we were STARVING so we decided to visit the Cracker Barrel! Brian had pancakes (his favorite!) Ali had meatloaf (yuck! My LEAST favorite food EVER!) and Morgan and I had grilled chicken stips. After dinner and some checkers, we stopped by Ingles for some icecream. Mint Chocolate Chip for Trav and Extreme Moose Tracks for the kids. I exercised some self control and settled for a popsicle. It did the trick...

I haven't been running for three days now and I'm ready to get back on track tonight. Especially considering I splurged and had some ranch doritos at the Memorial Day "cook in" yesterday at Fran's house. The hotdogs were fat free though, so in my mind, that evens out!

This morning I tried to kickstart a healthy new week with some light, whole wheat toast and a banana. Yum!

Well, Well...
Hope you have a TERRIFIC TUESDAY!

P.S. My good friend Lisa had her first baby this weekend. Cooper arrived safely into the world and weighed 7 lbs. 2 oz. Congrats Lisa and Danny!




Anonymous said...

Dang! Travis is a player. 76-73, Wow. Pretty darn good for someone who works all week. Watch out Phil Mickelson.

Dee said...

I have a set of golf clubs...They are supper cute (purple) and I have only used them like 3 times lol