"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Saturday was my fruzin Camryn's 9th Birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAM! She had a luau pool party with lots of her little friends. They played games, swam, busted a pinata and ate lots of birthday goodies! By this point I think they needed a little R & R! Me and Morgan had fun swimming!

Fruzins! Morgan, Me, and Meg!
Group Shot! Arent' they cute???
{Cam and her buddies!}

Me and Makayla...she's decked out in her summer best!

Granny made some delicious cupcakes and Nikki decorated them.

We gave Makayla her first pedicure...TOO CUTE!

Random but I got this yummy Egg McMuffin (no cheese) with a BOGO coupon!
I ate it on the way to the party!

One of Granny's DELICOUS CAKES!

Oh, yes....and my new favorite bar! Chewy and Cinnamonny and YUMMY!

Finally....A recap of my girls night out with Bubba!

We saw "Letters to Juliet"....best described as sappy and predictiable yet good it's own sappy predictable love story sort of way!

We tried to snap a quick picture in the dark but I think our flash was annoying everyone else! And obviously it didn't work anyway!

We ate at Cracker Barrel before the movie...it's our FAV! I had turkey sausage, whole wheat toast, and a scramled egg white...
So today is Sunday and I have some of my lil' loves hangin' out with me! Yay! We are planning on going to this WATERPARK in Greenville if the weather holds out. If not, we might go bowling or to a movie....
Either way, when i'm with Morgan, Brian, and Ali we are bound to have a GREAT TIME!
And I might squeeze in a chapter of my latest read, "Staying True" by Jenny Sanford. Interesting so far...

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Dee said...

sounds like you had a GREAT weekend!