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Thursday, May 6, 2010

{Fun with Miss Erica!}

Yesterday I was browsing around Belk, looking for some bargains, and I unexpectedly found myself sitting at the Lancome counter getting a litte "mini-makeover". The makeup Artist, Erica, (wish I had gotten a pic with her!) was super cute and sweet so I thought...WHY NOT???

I was able to sample several products and here are two of my favorties...both of which I recieved free samples!!! Yea!

First was Genefique...a serum that actually begins to repair your cells from the inside out and "have visibly younger skin in 7 days"...Sounds good to me!

It left my skin feeling so smooth and Erica compared the results of prolonged use to new baby skin and who wouldn't want that!

{Yay! Free Sample!}
It's pretty pricey though...so I'm gonna have to make that an investment in my skin and save up for awhile!

Next was the mineral powder makeup...

I thought it provided even coverage and a nice natural color. She had to put it in a clinique container because they were out at the Lancome counter. I just love this little sample!

So...Here's me after Erica worked her magic...

{No major changes because I stuck to my normal color palletes but my skin FELT younger....yay!}

Thanks Erica! You did an awesome job and it was nice to meet you!

Finally, my favorite part of the day was this...

I had been CRAVING a Mocha Light Frappachino from Starbucks and I made a special trip to get one. YUMMYY!
*Look how cute the little Java Chip sample is!* It was yummy, too!

Have a Beautiful day!!!


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