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Thursday, May 6, 2010

{Veggie Girl + Veggie Boy}

Nope, we are not increasing our vegetable intake but we ARE totally VEGGING out on the couch tonight!
{Laura + Travis}

Trav isn't feeling too hot and I am lazy! LOL! (Hope you feel better, Honey!)

I put my PJ's and robe on as soon as I got home and when Trav got home we hopped in the Mitzi, dropped off a prescription at CVS, and grabbed a HOT-N-READY from Little Caesar's. Pizza! Pizza!

It SMELLS delicious but that's all I can tell ya because I am using TREMENDOUS willpower and having a big baked potato instead! Yay, Me! It's not the easiest thing in the world...but totally worth it when I remember that bathing suit season is upon us. Yikes!

This afternoon I met my Mom at Bangs (J-Lowe's salon) where she proceeded to get an AWESOME new 'do which was followed by a trip to Rue 21 and Dollar Tree.

I found a new set of beaded bracelets in black, gray, and silver tones, a trio of earrings, and a shirt for tomorrow's festivities (see below!) all for $5! SCORE! Mom got some new stuff too and finished some of her Mother's Day shopping. I got an AWESOME new lip gloss at Dollar Tree that was VERY comparible to the Lancome Juicy Tube "Simmer" shade I tried yesterday, except mine was $1 and the Juicy Tube was $18. I think it's clear who saved $17 and came out on top! I also got a bright purple eyeshadow (lighter shades tend to fade to much for my liking...if I wear purple I want it to be PURPLE!) and a new Nivea lip blam (for my bed side drawer- the one in there now is just about sucked dry), and a six pack of Goody's brand Ouchless wide cotton headbands. I've been needing new ones but didn't wanna spend $6-7 at Walmart.LOVE THEM. But luckily these were also just a buck!

So...Tomorrow Patrick graduates from USC! Yay Patrick! Plans for the morning are as follows:

Egg McMuffin breakfast on the road (Planned by me!)
Hit Cola Town around 11:45
Enjoy a FAB lunch with the Graduate and Fam
Attend the graduation ceremony
Stop by Starbucks on the way home!!! (This, actually, was planned by Trav but I was quite pleased!)
Stop at a thrift store if time permits (and this also...planned by me!)

Much fun to be had by all! EXCITED!

Can't wait to let you know how my new Avon products work for me. I just got some new things from my Aunt today- Precious Glimmer Powder Eyeshadow in "Petal" (a light purple shade that I think will look layered with the BRIGHT purple shade I got today at Dollar Tree), Nourishing Shower Gel in " Banana and Coconut Milk" (tropical scents are my FAVORITE, and Curl Goddess Curling Mist "with conditioning sunflower" that claims to "activate hair's natural wave and curl". We shall see! Another product review to come soon!
P.S. Don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY!

Comment and tell me about your favorite lip gloss!
Well I Gotta go for now...I'm about to revert back to Veggie status...

Night! Night!


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