"....I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ~James 10:10~

Saturday, May 8, 2010

{Makeup for the Heart!}

Tonight I had the privilege of meeting Jeannie and hearing her give her AWESOME testimony! I also had the privilege of having my OWN HEART renewed and refreshed by our most AWESOME GOD! YOU MUST READ HER STORY!

{Tried out the Falsies tonight! Pretty good for my first try!}

And in fact, you know what? with all the talk I do about how I like to play with products that make my FACE look a little prettier, I think it's very important to emphasize that having a PRETTY HEART is by far the most important BEAUTIFUL thing anyone could ever have! And boy does Jeannie have it!

I could tell you all day about different ways to beautify your face- maybe a touch of blush or a swipe of lipgloss- but that washes away and is temporary and let's just face it...how many of us can say that makeup truly changed our lives? CERTAINLY NOT ME. But I can tell you what has. And it's not temporary, it doesn't wash away, go out of style, or smudge. It's JESUS! If you want a BEAUTIFUL HEART all you have to do is ASK HIM FOR IT! HE will make it clean, sparkly, shiny, and new. And most importantly, He will make it more like HIS and it doesn't get much more BEAUTIFUL than that!

Just like makeup covers our flaws and scars, hides our imperfections, and makes us feel new and fresh---Jesus's blood heals our flaws and scars, covers our sin, and gives us a new life that is EVERLASTING!

Wanna know more about this BEAUTIFUL HEART I've been talking about? I'd love to tell you more! And I want you to know that getting pretty on the inside started a LONG time ago with a God who loved us SO MUCH that He sent HIS only SON, JESUS, to die on a cross for us, so that we could turn our ugly sinful hearts into something Beautiful and pleasing to HIM.


Just ask, it's yours for the taking!



J and SE said...

Laura~I found your blog through Ansley's and I just love reading your posts. I actually was at AC when you were there. Just wanted to drop you a comment to tell you I am a fan of the blog!

1happyheart said...

Laura- It was so great to meet you on Saturday. You are just precious! Truly beautiful from the inside out. Love, love your blog. I can't wait to read more. Please take care of my friend Carrie. She is such a jewel!!

Keep shining!
Psalm 103