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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

{Attacking AnMed}

For last night's run, we decided to go to the track at AnMed. Trav thought the running track might have a nicer, more comfortable surface for his barefoot run. I think he was pretty pleased. We took Glory again (she's in training, too!) and got a pretty decent workout in.

We continued with our run/walk routine but this time we encountered some pretty gradual, extended hills that pushed us (well, me for sure!) to the limit! I was happy to have Trav with me because he pushed me to keep it up and finish strong. Thanks Honey!

I have discovered that chanting helps me alot! I know it probably seems weird but it just keeps me focused and distracts me from negative thoughts. About halfway through our run/walk, Travis started chanting "Put your mind to it, You can really do it, do it!". It was an awesome motivater!

Afterwards, I stretched good while my muscles were still warm and took a hot shower, at the advice of a friend, as soon as I got home. I thought I would be really sore this morning but surprisingly, my muscles are much less sore than they were yesterday! Yay! We have another run scheduled for tonight and then I think I'll talk a long morning walk on Thursday. Or vice-versa, depending on when I feel like I have the most energy. I just dont wanna over do it....

Thanks to those of you who commented with tips and advice...much appreciated!!! Please feel free to offer any suggestions you might have----I need it!


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